New Song Preview - Marianas Trench // June 28, 2014

"We’ve been down in here before / To a place where you said "I don’t want you anymore" / And if you say this is the end/ baby I, I knew you when / I was broke and on the road / you were a college DJ playing my song on the show / But if you wanna try again / Maybe I, I’ll know you then…"

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im gonna fill the hole in my heart with concert tickets and vinyls and acoustic sing alongs and new albums and old albums and good lyrics and bad lyrics and lyrics i want to tattoo across every inch of my skin and harmonies and melodies im gonna inject good music into my fuckin veins 

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everyone you idolize wakes up scared to be themselves sometimes.
- pete wentz (dec. 2005);
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Just crying because they had a close up of Josh’s hands on the Blackberry Lounge thing.

Hand porn.

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Josh, You Me At Six ~ NYC

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9 photos of Josh Franceschi (requested by awgaskath)

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Sometimes I forgot how deep and passionate this man is

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